pseudo star's the fonze gets married

99-03-13 "The Fonze Gets Married!"

- As you may or may not know, pseudo star's drummer Steve "The Fonze" Bellan is getting hitched to Charlie "Chonsy" Miller's sister, Brenna but before there is any wedding the groom has to rock 'N' roll a lil' with the boys. At Steve and Brenna's Stag and Doe pseudo star and Laminar Flow rocked the socks off of the older generation. Once again pseudo star kicked it open with the Sloan classic "Good In Everyone". Playing oldies to an older crowd equals older people having a fun time doing the "Twist". Out on the dance floor with each opportunity there was a crowd of parents getting down. Pseudo star made the old people dance and the young people laugh. Pseudo star has now officially played for all ages, as old as 75 and young as 4. With the Miller family being the fun loving bunch that they are it was pretty easy to get Brenna and Molly to come up and sing some oldies with the band. Good Job ladies! Despite Steve's altered state and the mysterious out of tune guitar the show went off like an atom bomb. A great time was had by many. Thank you Steve and Brenna for letting us play at your Stag and Doe. Thank you Kenny G for coming all the way down from London to do our sound.


  1. The Good In Everyone - Sloan

  2. Rice's Short Lived Return

  3. Peppermint

  4. Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis

  5. Lyle Penny'sworth

  6. Money - Beatles

  7. Plum 54

  8. Lines You Amend - Sloan

  9. The Night Is Young

  10. Green Apples

  11. Twist and Shout - Beatles

  12. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

  13. Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie