pseudo star's gear

Craig uses: a 96 Lake Placid Blue Mexican Fender Stratocaster guitar, Kay acoustic guitar, Digitech RP-6 multi-effects processor, Dunlop Crybaby Wah-Wah pedal, Danelectro Fab Tone distortion pedal, Small Stone phaser pedal, Tokai TOD-1 Overdrive pedal, a Fender Princeton 112 plus amplifier and a Peavey Basic 60 Bass amplifier.

Dylan uses: a Rickenbacker Guitar, a 97 Cherry Red Mexican Fender Stratocastor guitar, a Monarch 3/4 size 95 acoustic guitar, a DOD FX7 multi-effects processor, a Big Muff Pi distortion pedal, Yamaha 112 amplifier, a Cheri 15R amplifier and an assortment of harmonicas.

Charlie uses: a Fender P-Bass, a Zoom 506 bass effects pedal, a Nobels DT-1 Distortion pedal, a MXR Distortion + pedal, a Boss Super Phaser pedal, a Crate BX-100 bass amplifer, and a Peavy Telecaster.

The Fonze uses: a Vintage Rogers 6 piece. Sabian - B8 Pro Hi Hats, AA 14" thin crash, B8 Pro Thin Splash, Zildjian Thin 16" Crash.

Omar Sharif is our friend!