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the following sites are chosen by pseudo star and have something to do with their friends or the things that interest them... enjoy...

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pseudo star's other band sites:

pseudo star

bands that amuse me:

Bathtub Holiday -Sitting in the tub all day makes your skin pruney

Cause...if Anything (Frosty) - Local band, friends of Pseudo Star

Cataclysm - Local band, web page done by me

Cosmonic - Craig Robinson Solo Work

The Dance Hall - Page devoted to ska

The Great Canadian Smorgasbord -Canadian and proud of it!

Grounded - A cool local band who have played everywhere

Inmates - Local band, web page done by me

Janet Theory - Local Band

Karma Souljahs - Cool original band

Leaning Owen - a band from Raleigh, North Carolina in the US of A

Merge - Local band, friends of Pseudo Star

Method - Local band, friends of Pseudo Star

Monotronaut - Sounds for Spacemen

Planet X - planets, like all living things evolve, grow and change - Planet X is no exception

Princess Superstar's Page - Another day in da ghetto living like a superstar!

Slipstream's Homepage - Slipstreamy rock and roll

Square Root Of Margaret - Local band, friends of Pseudo Star

other web sites that amuse me:

FWF - Too Intense and Absolute 911 vs Silver Fox and Renton Cross?

Music Web Forum - Chatham Kent Music on local bands

Saintjondoe - The building of an on-line record collecting community...

Steve Bellan's Personal Homepage - Pseudo Star's Drummer's Page