pseudo star's mcbrayne

-99-05-7&8 "McBrayne"

-pseudo star returned to the LK stage for their second appearance at ArtsFest. This year, pseudo star was invited to play two nights. Playing rock music for your parents and classmates is always a reason to lose all inhibition. Both nights of ArseFest'69 were right crazy. The show kicked off with a special message from Darth Vadar right into Plum 54. Wrong featured the awkward dance stylings of Craig, which guarenteed him noteriety from the ladies after the show. Inbetween songs an improv comedy act featuring Craig and Charlie broke out. The second night, for unknown reasons, included a chorus line of dancers(Lawson, Welsman), the artisic moves of Al Sutherland, and a serenade to the drunken Adam McBrayne, all during Neil Diamond's song, Sweet Caroline. ArtsFest was a blast to watch.



  1. Plum 54

  2. Wrong

  3. Rice's Short Lived Return

  4. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond


  1. The Good In Everyone - Sloan

  2. Lyle Penny'sworth

  3. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond