pseudo star's kicking it omar style!

98-06-12 "Kicking it Omar Style!"

-As predicted this show was great. After Kenny Phelps introduced us we opened the show at 8:15. We started with our song Chrome and we could tell right then the show was going to be wild. Thank you Mosh Pit (Tanner, Cataclysm, Huston, etc.) Our forty-minute set was a blur of Omar, Soy-Bombs(C.O. Heather Dufty), Karate Kicks, Darth Vadar and Feedback. We had a great time! This show had pac! Soon after Method came on and destroyed! They blew Dresden away with a mix of original and covered metal tunes. The highpoint of the night was the world's greatest punk band Frosty. They played a huge set of pure energy to an unrelenting crowd of moshers. This night definitely kicked it Omar style! Thank You Glen Stanway.


  1. Chrome

  2. I Hate My Generation - Sloan

  3. Peppermint

  4. Average Girl

  5. Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie

  6. Wrong

  7. Karate Man - The Super Friendz

  8. Extremely All The Time