pseudo star's charlie miller


Charlie Miller was born in 1980. He grew up on a farm just outside of Thamesville Ontario, Canada. His favorite bands include Sloan, the Beatles, Radiohead, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Charlie also enjoys art and film. There is nothing much else I can say about this man but he is the glue that holds Pseudo Star Together. Without him the band would cry, crumble, then die. In that order. Charlie is also a good cricket player, he can dance like a Mexican hula dancer, drink like a son of a bitch, throw a foot ball 2000 yards, can belch like Rita McNeil, can play the banjo like a naked hillbilly, can make Mark Twain cry in his grave, can take on 20 guys at once, can lift a 1000 pounds over his head and still have time to scratch his pac, can spit like a south African camel, can piss like a Inuit race horse, can swear like a buffalo monkey in heat, can actually take on Shaquille O'Neil with an ape on his back, can make an old man cry, and he can also show Randy Travis a thing or two on how to shot put!

Charlie, the man with the motive!

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